Our new patients on demand campaign includes:

Guaranteed Results

Get a set number of exclusive patient opportunities for your treatments every month guaranteed!

Exclusive Leads

Never have to share your patient leads. These leads are yours and yours alone.

Patient Nurturing & Sales Training

Tired of chasing down leads? We'll call, text, and email, every new lead for you if you need.

Coaching and support included

Worried if this system is right for your clinic or practice? Don't stress. We provide extensive training, sales scripts, and strategy sessions to train you and maximize your ROI.

We'll bring people into your clinic with an offer that's fair but more importantly we put a sales process in place so that they don't walk out - they STAY and WANT to spend money with you. 

You Could Have New Patient Consultations Scheduled by This Time Next Week.

We focus on patients looking for high-value treatments

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Your Business Will Grow and Profit from the New Patients On Demand Process If ...

You understand the importance of building your new local patient lists

Each lead generated is a chance to grow your clinic, and each appointment booked is an opportunity to build a relationship, talk about treatment plans and put inplace opportunities for patient referrals years to come.

You want more of a partner than a faceless contractor

Our clients see us as an extension of their internal team and enjoy having clear communication to work together in reaching their goals and closing more transactions.

You don’t expect miracles - just results

We can't promise you will close every lead or appointment we send you, But if you stick with our system, you WILL see a positive ROI.


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